E Bikes - A solution to traffic? Definitely!

EBikes and EScooters are the solution for traffic in Irish Cities:

We all know it. The traffic Gods are back wreaking havoc and this is before most offices and schools are due to open. Ireland, always a nice relaxed place to be during the summer. Come September – God help us.

Post Covid, the City councils are doing their jobs again giving out parking tickets to business owners and shoppers for parking in illegal spots. These parking ticket numbers keep going up because there are too few options for these people to get to where they are going, for shopping or for work or to care for their elderly parents other than in a car.  The car park spaces are knowingly clogged up by staff working in the local shops and car park owners are not about to knock valuable commercial property to put in parking lots as a long-term investment. And we are talking about banning cars and pedestrianizing roads? But we cannot get the local agreement to close streets because the newsagent and funeral undertaker is objecting? My head hurts.

In his 1973 essay collection ‘Small Is Beautiful’, German Oxford Economist Professor E.F. Schumacher said: “today, we suffer from an almost universal idolatry of gigantism. It is therefore necessary to insist on the virtues of smallness—where this applies.” I insist!

Schumacher saw the need to reduce the size of our belongings, to make life more streamlined, to focus more on an improved quality of life than an increased car or house size. But again, as an ex automotive industry executive I know how the marketing departments of the large car manufacturers work. They rely on decades of brand loyalty, where your family always bought a certain type of car, where it was a status symbol to own the newest car, the fastest car, the most expensive car. During the Celtic tiger I sold cars that were each the price of a fine house, on short term finance, with large balloon payments, just so as the driver could sit in it and say he made it and so as we could make some money. But now, we must focus on celebrating small. We must reduce our spend on cars and begin to remove our addiction and reliance on them. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep some of that spend for the next generation?

Our Civil Servant friends are being told by Europe that they need to make the cities more pedestrianised, more eco-friendly, greener, cleaner, safer. The Council staff are unfortunately the victims of extremely slow-moving bureaucratic organisations. They are just not equipped to move quickly like us in the private sector.

So, the Councils have mobility planning committees, the Government want greener cities, the car industry employs hundreds of thousands of people, the tax take from cars is huge, the shops need car parking so as we can load up our cars with purchases, the government wants the vat receipts, the staff that run these shops have no way of getting to town quickly and efficiently other than driving, the busses are losing their appeal, and I need to get to my job so as I can pay my mortgage and get home so as I can mind my kids and as a business owner and citizen I can make a legal objection to any action the council can make. It is hard to see a path through the mire. My head still hurts.

As a private sector organisation, Brite are lean and agile. We focus on making urban commutes more efficient and enabling residents to have more options available in their locality. In aiming toward that goal, access to education, employment and health will become more accessible in cities where Brite is launched.

Demand led, multi modal shared transport is the solution. We can provide your organisation or household with a single unit or a fleet of ebikes or escooters or electric tricycles for you or your staff to get around your city, in a safe and efficient way. Our Brite system has the capability of providing station based or free floating ebikes and escooters. We operate on a closed system basis, you need to join the Brite club before you can use one of our ebikes or escooters, we need to know who you are and what you need our devices for before you get going but once we get to know you then life becomes a lot easier for everyone and you don’t have to sit in traffic any more. Time is money but car park spaces are even more money! We are here to atone for our sins for selling so many cars in the past and we at Brite am ready to help you!

If you have any questions about renting or buying an ebike or escooter for your commute, and if the traffic in your area is bad and you think Brite can help by speaking to your local City Council, please let us know.

Contact colin.barry@britemobility.com