EBike Rental Pricing

 Hotel Rental Price - €15 Unlock / Max €35 - 12 hour rental 

Office Rental Price - €1 unlock / €0.15 per minute drive / €0.005 park

You need a phone with battery and data allowance. Then you need to download the App from these links:

iOS App
Android App

  • You land onto the App page
  • click on the User icon
  • Click Sign Up
  • Enter email 
  • Create Password
  • Accept Privacy 
  • Accept Terms and Conditions
  • Enter your phone / Name / Birthday / Country / address
  • Add credit / debit card
  • Verify Drivers license 
  • In app find bike you want to rent. Click bike to give you directions to it.
  • Always wear a helmet. If there is no helmet available at the bike ask at your office or hotel reception or call +353872087244.
  • Scan QR code on bike handlebars to start or press D to drive.
  • D=Drive / P=Park
  • Park only at a bike stand by pressing P - don't block roads or footpaths. A badly parked bike will be subject to fines if complaints from Gardai are received. 
  • End rental Back at start station.
  • If you do not bring the bike back / abandon it, there will be an annoying €40 charge.  
  • Customer service in menu of app, whatsapp or call +353872087244