Free E-Bikes & E-Scooters For Galway Health Workers

Emergency Doctors and Nurses in Galway City's University College Hospital, Galway City's and Connacht's main regional hospital, who are at the front lines of protecting Galway city and county from the Covid 19 virus are subject to restricting themselves regarding infection in how they travel.

These critical medical workers cannot take taxis, busses or any other shared public transport due to the risk of sharing or catching the disease. They can't take family shared transport because they do not want to share the virus with their kids. Bus timetables have changed and do not suit those who have offpeak shifts. 

This is ER Nurse Cathleen Moran - she is moving her self 40 miles into Galway City, away from her loving family to spend more hours in Acute Medicine for the next few weeks to save your family’s lives! She has no way of getting from her temporary accomodation to the hospital. 

Let's make it happen together!